This Generation

A Call to Repentance, Renewal, and ReEngaging Inter-Generational Conversations

The Upside of Inside vs Outside

Gal. 5:6 : “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” We’ve all heard the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, some of you grew up in, or may now be in, a church where your worth and spiritual condition were measured by outside appearances according to rules established […]

Is American Culture Lost for Good?

Is it possible, as one writer has suggested, that we have “lost the soul of America?” In the UK, any former semblance of a once Christian worldview and the freedom to express that worldview in the public square has, for all practical purposes, disappeared. Is the same thing happening in the US today?

With God Nothing is Impossible!

Guest blogger, Ward Tanneberg, challenges us to ask whether we truly believe God all things are possible in Christ in the autumn years of life. Where is the spirit of Caleb in this generation? Is the mantra, Yes, we can! just a motivational phrase for political causes? Ward doesn’t believe it is… YES, WE CAN! […]

Shouldn’t Church Be Exciting?

I remember when Bill Gaither’s song, Get All Excited, was a foot-stompin’, energetic new gospel song that we loved to sing. We even clapped our hands and stomped our feet (well, some of us did). I love exciting singing. After all, shouldn’t worship be exciting? Shouldn’t church be exciting? I mean, as Christians, we have […]

Can Your Mess Be Your Message?

Like Moses, I have often said to the Lord, “Who am I, Lord, to challenge other grandparents to follow You and disciple the next generations? After all, look at me. There’s so much messy stuff in my life. Maybe someone else would be better qualified.” Have you ever felt that way? Or perhaps you’ve heard […]