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A Call to Repentance, Renewal, and ReEngaging Inter-Generational Conversations

Take The Six Pack Challenge

If you were to talk to most people on the street today, would they say the ‘generation gap’ has grown smaller or bigger? It is fascinating that we have so much talk about tolerance and working together in our world, but very little inter-generational living occurs. Musical tastes, political views, fashion preferences, and social issues separate us more than ever before.

SIX PACKSWhat would happen if individuals from all the generations assembled regularly to actually do life together and learn from each other?

That was a challenge a good friend of mine, John Coulombe, put before several ministry leaders recently. I have decided to try it myself with a group of five other men. I’m passing the Six Pack Challenge on to you. So, what’s a Six Pack? I’m glad you asked.

A Six Pack is six men from six generations (Yes, SIX…read on) meeting together for six weeks to take up six activity challenges as part of a training process for godliness and service to the glory of God. Here’s how it breaks down:

Six men from six generations:

  • Two young men—one a teenager, the other in his twenties
  • Two middle-aged men—one in his thirties; one in his forties or early fifties
  • Two elders—one young elder under 65; a master elder over 65
    (Note: Yes, women can do this too, but you might want to call it something other than Six Packs. Let me know if you come up with a good name. I am also working on a similar effort with couples called Take Six—six couples, two from each of the age groups mentioned above.)

Six weeks/six challenges:

  • The six week (or six sessions) commitment doesn’t leave it open ended and gives everyone a point of closure if the group is not working out as hoped. It also keeps your goal focused and prevents turning it into something else entirely. You can do whatever you want after the six weeks, but everyone knows what is expected for this six-week commitment.
  • The Challenges: These challenges can be done individually or as a group, but accountability is key. You are expected to report back to the group for individual actions. At least one challenge is to be done as a group.
    1. Doing Good: Being rich in good deeds
    2. Giving: Generosity that costs something
    3. Serving: Stepping out of your comfort zone to meet a need
    4. Righteousness: Taking a stand for what is just and right
    5. Hospitable: Selfless sharing without prejudice
    6. Peacemaker: Pursuing reconciliation and healing

Will you take the challenge? I’d like to know who’s willing to take the challenge to organize a Six Pack (or Take Six) and doing this inter-generational experiment. If you’re up to taking the challenge, let me know and I’ll send you a more detailed outline of what you need to do to get your Six Pack or Take Six group up and going.

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