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What Happens When the Power Goes Out?

Is it possible we have become too dependent upon technology? That is the question Trace Man Plugged InEmbry asks in his blog post, Teens and the Trades in America.  I was intrigued by Trace’s concern that we may have a major problem in America should the power ever be shut down and our technology, upon which we are so dependent, is no longer functioning. Are there enough people still around with the skills to fix stuff and survive a world without power?

If you are part of the generations over 50 today, you probably learned basic skills for fixing a bike, changing the oil and plugs in your car, or repairing a broken mower. Trace contends that many of the 30 and younger crowd have not been taught to do basic repairs around the house.

I urge you to check out Trace’s blog at Insight for Today’s Culture and weigh in on the topic. I want to know what you think? Is it really an issue? If you are one of the younger generations, do you feel you have the necessary skills to fix things that might need repaired, or has technology created a void in this area? What could be done to pass on the skills that might be needed if the power really does go out?

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