This Generation

A Call to Repentance, Renewal, and ReEngaging Inter-Generational Conversations

Great Cloaks of Fire!

I recently wrote about NOT passing the baton since as long as we are alive we are still in the race. Passing the baton can be a useful metaphor for passing on a legacy, but perhaps a more appropriate metaphor might be passing the mantle. My good friend, Leona Bergstrom, Director of Re-Ignite, is my […]

Trust: The Generational Link

We were sitting on our bunk beds at a men’s retreat—several younger men in their 30’s, and a handful of us in our 50’s and 60’s. We had just finished a session with our retreat speaker. Now we were supposed to begin interacting with each other even though most of us had never met before. […]

Is Your Life Unforgettable?

Unforgettable is one of those ah-ha words. Nat King Cole recorded a hit song by that title decades ago to describe the feelings of two lovers. Nat’s daughter, Natalie Cole, re-recorded the song mixing her father’s original recording with hers. It was her tribute to her unforgettable father. I can identify several people I would definitely […]

To Pass or Not to Pass the Baton

I only met Jeff Myers one time, but it was a memorable meeting. I came away from that meeting impressed with a man whose heart was passionate about passing the legacy of faith from one generation to another. In his book, Handoff, Jeff expresses his concerns about the failure of the boomer generation passing the […]