This Generation

A Call to Repentance, Renewal, and ReEngaging Inter-Generational Conversations

When Does a Child Become an Adult?

Ask this question of any teen, parent or grandparent and you will get a variety of answers. Some say when you’re old enough to vote or join the military. Some say when you get your driver’s license. Some say when you get married. Still others say when you reach the legal drinking age of twenty-one. […]

Do You Want to Enrich Your Life?

Walt was devastated to learn that he had been paired with a young college student with more than a few tattoos and piercings. The was the last thing Walt, a retired corporate executive, wanted as his student partner for a week-long inter-generational experiment we were conducting at a Christian college. The ‘experiment’ involved pairing older […]

An Example for Building an Inter-Gen Family Culture

Gwen Colfer of Grand Junction, Colorado shared this story of how several families took intentional steps to build an inter-generational culture that has outlived them. It may not be possible for every one, but it is worth considering. I hope you will be blessed by her story. When my husband and I were raising our […]

Let’s Mix Up the Sacred Spaces

I was impressed to see the large number of college students sitting in the church I was speaking at in Texas this weekend. In a church of about 400 people, it appeared that about twenty percent of the congregation was comprised of these young adults. Besides college students another significant group stood out—those over fifty. […]