This Generation

A Call to Repentance, Renewal, and ReEngaging Inter-Generational Conversations

Do You Wish You Could Have a Healthy Family?

There is a lot of talk today about healthy living – eating healthy, healthy exercise, keeping your mind healthy. Yet, even with all the abundant resources available to live a healthy lifestyle, there are a lot of us who give more lip service to the subject of healthy living than actually living healthy.  Healthy living […]

Does Your Theology Intersect with Reality?

I just spent an amazing weekend with more than 300 men and some very special friends at a men’s retreat in the magnificent Colorado mountains. In our cabin three young men in their thirties found themselves thrust into the mix with eight other old men over fifty (most of us over sixty). These young men […]

Part 2: Four Patterns for Restoring an Inter-Gen Culture

Rob Rienow, founder of Visionary Family, believes God’s original design was for the family to be a ‘discipleship center’. We all know the value of being part of a small group in the church where we study God’s Word and encourage each other to walk in the truth in all areas of life. It’s part […]

Four Patterns for Restoring An Inter-Gen Culture

When Chad was dismissed from the table (see my previous post) because he wasn’t viewed as an adult, an opportunity was lost. He was denied a chance to engage with mature adults and learn what it means to become an adult (By the way, that’s a topic we will explore more in another post). Have […]

THIS Generation or THAT Generation?

The family Thanksgiving dinner was finished and the plates had been cleared. The adults sat at the table sharing opinions about some of the current events of the day. Fourteen-year old Chad remained at the table listening with interest as the adults talked. At on point he attempted to express his opinion on a subject, […]