This Generation

A Call to Repentance, Renewal, and ReEngaging Inter-Generational Conversations

Take The Six Pack Challenge

If you were to talk to most people on the street today, would they say the ‘generation gap’ has grown smaller or bigger? It is fascinating that we have so much talk about tolerance and working together in our world, but very little inter-generational living occurs. Musical tastes, political views, fashion preferences, and social issues […]

The Most Valuable Land in the World

If I were to ask you what you imagine to be the most valuable land in the world, what would you say? The Ghawar oil fields in Saudia Arabia? The Jwaneng diamond mine in Botswana? Real estate in Monte Carlo? Actually, it’s none of those. Are you ready for the answer?

Let’s Recapture the WOW of Advent!

My firiend, Ward Tanneberg, President of CASA Network (that’s not the child advocacy group) is my guest blogger this week. He shares some thoughts about Advent that stand in stark contrast to the prominent secular worldview we see around us today. Ward uses his own recent experience with his daughter doing a movie marathon together. […]

What Happens When the Power Goes Out?

Is it possible we have become too dependent upon technology? That is the question Trace Embry asks in his blog post, Teens and the Trades in America.  I was intrigued by Trace’s concern that we may have a major problem in America should the power ever be shut down and our technology, upon which we […]

Thankful to Whom?

So what is the point of Thanksgiving in our modern culture? When this nation was established, the Continental Congress and succeeding sitting Presidents issued several Thanksgiving proclamations for the nation, the first in 1782: It being the indispensable duty of all nations, not only to offer up their supplications to Almighty God, the giver of […]